Sound Sculptures Created from Underwater Hydrophone and Accelerometer Recordings

These Sound Sculptures create an an immersive and at times meditative sonic experience for visitors to Soundscape Park. All of these works create different sonic choreographies from underwater recordings made with combinations of hydrophones and with accelerometers mounted on structures floating or submerged. The underwater sounds recorded in this way reveal a great variety of rhythmic and tonal colors that are turned into multi-layered spatial compositions

Sound Sculptures Created from Breaking and Phasing Wave Recordings

These were realized with a combination of widely spaced acoustic microphones and accelerometers buried in the sand and were then fed into diffusion mixes that create a sonic choreography in Soundscape Park.

A Time Lapse Sound Sculpture

This sound sculpture is a sonic dream based on recordings of Northern Mockingbirds (the state bird of Florida), with multiple moving voices from the only song bird that creates its own music from listening to other birds and sounds. These multiple layers move through Soundscape Park answering and calling each other from different rhythmic speeds of time.

© Bill Fontana 2018